Duwamish Revealed is a project of the South Seattle Environmental Coalition (ECOSS)

When we think of well-known champions for the environment, names like David Attenborough, Greta Thunberg, and Jane Goodall might immediately come to mind. But there is a group of advocates working tirelessly at the local level to bring about meaningful change in their own communities. These lesser-known heroes deserve just as much recognition and support for their incredible efforts. One such organization is Duwamish Revealed, a project of the South Seattle Environmental Coalition (ECOSS).

What is Duwamish Revealed?

Duwamish Revealed is an innovative community-engagement project that brings together artists, environmentalists, educators, and community members with the goal of raising awareness about the environmental issues affecting the Duwamish River Valley. Through art installations, public events, educational exhibits, and site-specific performances, Duwamish Revealed hopes to create a shared experience that connects people — both culturally and geographically — to the river’s history and ecosystem.

Relationship with South Seattle Environmental Coalition (ECOSS)

The driving force behind Duwamish Revealed is ECOSS (Environmental Coalition of South Seattle), a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering healthy ecosystems in diverse communities throughout Puget Sound since 1991. As an umbrella organization for numerous environmental projects and initiatives, ECOSS unites different stakeholders for collaborative work on policy advocacy, education and outreach programs, habitat restoration plans, and infrastructure development projects.

Duwamish Revealed represents one of ECOSS’s flagship programs — an innovative project designed to promote both cultural understanding and ecological stewardship among residents of the Duwamish Valley. By partnering with artists and educators to engage the public in a conversation about the river’s environmental challenges, Duwamish Revealed aims to inspire people to take action towards restoring and preserving this vital waterway.

Why Is This Project Important?

The Duwamish River has faced countless ecological struggles in recent history — many of which are still ongoing today. The dumping of hazardous chemicals has contaminated its waters while urbanization has stripped away much of the natural habitat for local wildlife. The consequences of neglecting this important body of water have been disastrous to both human health and ecological balance.

As a result, addressing these pressing concerns requires both activism at the grassroots level and strong partnerships between coalitions like ECOSS and their community-based projects like Duwamish Revealed.

By merging art with activism and education through partnerships with local organizations, businesses, schools and community members, Duwamish Revealed serves as a dynamic platform for exploring creative solutions to address urgent environmental issues.

How Can You Help Support Duwamish Revealed?

Duwamish Revealed encourages residents from across Seattle to learn more about this important initiative by participating in its events or engaging with its online resources. In addition, there are opportunities for individuals to volunteer or make donations directly supporting the program.

Another great way for people interested in supporting ECOSS’s work with projects like Duwamish Revealed is by advocating for policies that promote environmental justice at various levels within city politics. By raising public awareness while actively engaging with local policymakers, successful proposals can pass which prioritize sustainable development and improve hazardous waste management practices along the valley’s riverbanks.

Duwamish Revealed represents an important player in today’s global conservation movement — providing support within the local community while shining a light on some incredibly pressing environmental concerns. By seeking creative ways to educate people about our shared environment through advocacy and collaboration across all sectors of society, this innovative project continues making invaluable strides towards creating positive change for generations to come.

Will you be the next champion who joins them?