TIA KRAMER & TAMIN TOTZKE: Study of Time & Motion

rest/forward: September 19, 2-7 pm at T-108 shoreline access area (adjacent to The Estuary)
connect/reposition: October 24, 1-5 pm at the Georgetown Steam Plant
connect/reposition: November 13, 14 & 15, 7 pm at the Georgetown Steam Plant

Study of Time and Motion was a series of performances that reactivated the 18 elemental gestures of efficiency and inefficiency that industrial engineer, motion study expert, and Georgetown Steam Plant designer Frank Gilbreth created to revolutionize industrial efficiency in the 20th century.

Choreographed by Tia Kramer and Tamen Totzke.
Ezra Dickinson
Rachael Lincoln
Mary Margaret Moore
Kt Shores
Aaron Swartzman


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