August 21, 7:00; August 22, 3:00 and 7:00
T-107 Park 

Signal was a multimedia performance and ceremony that beckoned us to return home to purity from a place of pollution and strife, only to discover that home is not the same as when you left it. Using the Duwamish River as inspiration, Signal explored growth, rebirth and emergence using installation, video, and dance. An empty warehouse was transformed into a ritual space where power and wholeness are revealed through the constraint, unfolding and eventual reclaiming of the body to higher natural forces. The body, as the river, chooses growth.

Director: Rachel Green
Choreography: Rachel Green
Video Director/Editor: Rachel Green
Cinematographer: Joscelyn Tarbox
Performers: Chantael Duke, Rachel Green, Emma Sargeant, Belle Wolf
Music: Daniel Salo
Costumes: Anna Telcs and Anna Conn
Lighting Design: Ari Lindholm
Production Assistant: Jenn Govola and Richard O’leary
Carpentry: David Nelson
Graphic Design/Print: Andrew Crawshaw


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