Duwamish Revealed (slideshow). Public Art Review, Jan 8 2016

A River Runs Through Us: “Duwamish Revealed” Celebrating Seattle’s Waterway. Bethany Pailthorp, KPLU, Aug. 17 2015

Art in the air over the river with Tanya Brno’s stunning show for Duwamish Revealed. West Seattle Blog, Aug. 9 2015

Duwamish Revealed Means to Inspire River’s Revitalization. Andie Waterman, Seattle Times, Aug. 2 2015

The River Reclaimed. Jen Graves, The Stranger, July 15 2015

A River Revived. Jim Demetre, CityArts, July 2015:

Duwamish Revealed combines the social and natural sciences with community activism and contemporary art practice. The Seattle area has seen its share of successful temporary, land-based public art events in recent years . . . but none has been so rooted in a history or a sense of place.

“Duwamish Revealed: Celebrating the River and the Communities Working to Save It.” Reagan Jackson, South Seattle Emerald, June 8 2015.

Our first AM radio appearance with the delightful and hilarious Susan Harmon on 1150 KKNW AM, June 6 2015:

The West Seattle Blog and its readers have been on it…giving Duwamish Revealed practically moment by moment coverage and unraveling the mystery of Jack Daws’ signs just hours after they were installed.

“From the ‘in case you wondered too’ file: Another ‘Duwamish Revealed’ installation.” Tracy Record, West Seattle Blog, June 7, 2015

“‘Duwamish Revealed’ officially opens on the river’s shore.” Tracy Record, West Seattle Blog, June 6, 2015

“Duwamish Revealed art project: Maybe you’ve already seen the signs! See what else is in store, from sculpture to dance to …” Tracy Record, West Seattle Blog, May 30, 2015

Jack’s signs also got a mention on SLOG.

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