CHRISTIAN FRENCH and the Equinox Special Projects Team: Estuary

Location: Terminal 108 / Diagonal Way

Christian French is a Seattle-based artist whose work spans photography, installation, performance, and yes, shipping containers. His installation, Estuary, was created out of 22 delicately balanced shipping containers, and functioned as sculpture, gathering space, and the main performance venue for Duwamish Revealed. Estuary took over a vacant Port of Seattle parcel, referencing the river’s original form, the site itself (a site of one of the former river meanders and “Mud Island”), the movement of water, and the flow of goods through the region.

Estuary was created in partnership with the Equinox Special Projects Team, who provided logistical support and masterminded the construction of the whole daggone thing.

A huge thanks to our materials / services sponsors: Lund Opsahl Engineering donated engineering services, and ConGlobal Industries (located right next door to Estuary) loaned the shipping containers to the project.

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