CATHERINE GRISEZ: Cultivate – A River Tapestry

Location: South Park Bridge

Catherine Grisez is a well-known fine art jeweler and small metals sculptor who lives in the South Park neighborhood. Made of recycled materials, Cultivate represented the river’s rebirth and was created with assistance by community volunteers. Local bars, restaurants, and recyclers saved their beer cans, plastic soda bottles, and fishing nets. In a series of work parties, neighbors, friends, and local youth groups created and assembled the components of the piece.

Materials & services sponsors: Loretta’s Northwesterner, YMS Recycling, Duwamish Rowing Club, Loki Fish Co, Lowercase Brewery, World Pizza, Auburn Riverside High School, 5th Avenue Theater, 9 lb Hammer and Square Knot, Star Brass, Union Bay, Saint Vincent de Paul, Hawthorne Inc., Western Ports Transportation, and the stage crew from the Seattle Opera. Thanks to the many people who contributed to making this piece!

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