BUSTER SIMPSON: Discombobulated Discourse

Gateway Park North

Our global climate change conundrum is overwhelming yet the collective will to act seems to be missing. Combobulated Discourse presents a wave activated sculptural response to the temperament and nature of the Duwamish River as it responds to rising waters. Two chairs, each on a sphere face each other moving independently and erratically, as if having a dysfunctional conversation.

This aid to navigation consists of two fourteen-foot ladders fashioned into a pair of chairs. Each chair rests atop a half-submerged five-foot diameter buoy. The two buoys are anchored, have keels and are tethered to each other. They are located in an industrial section of the Duwamish River’s estuarine reach.

Each ladder chair atop a buoy swings in response to wind, tides and wave action, appearing as if a metronome out of sync. Will this conversation gain purchase? Or, how high on the rung will we need to go?

-Buster Simpson, June 2015

Materials / services sponsors: Pacific Pile & Marine, Grid Engineers, Fabrication Specialties. Pacific Pile generously consulted on engineering and masterminded the installation and anchoring of the piece, Grid Engineers provided pro bono engineering, and Fabrication Specialties built the piece at a deep, deep discount. Both Pacific Pile and FS are located in South Park, close to where Buster’s piece was floating on the river.

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