ANNE MATHEWS: The Duwamish Riverside People’s Chorus | TANYA BRNO: Tangyo

Saturday, August 8 2015, 8:00 pm
T-108 public access area (adjacent to The Estuary)
Anne Mathews: The Duwamish Riverside People’s Chorus
Tanya Brno & Yuri Kinoshita: Tangyo / Music by Paul Che Oke Ten Wagner (Saanich First Nations)

Tanya Brno, one of Seattle’s most accomplished aerialists, gave a dazzling performance – suspended by a crane, in a paper moon (created by Kinoshita) 75 feet above the river. Brno’s collaborations with Wagner, Kinoshita, and Pacific Pile & Marine, a South Park business that donated the crane for the performance, combined to create a magical vision of the river’s history and future.

The evening began with a twilight performance by the Duwamish Riverside People’s Chorus, led by musician Anne Mathews from the Lonely Coast. The Chorus welcomed all comers (about 2 dozen in all) to the riverbank to learn and rehearse the songs that they then performed later that evening.

Thanks to our service sponsor Pacific Pile & Marine for their outstanding support – they donated the crane, barge and crane operator for Tanya’s performance, during a busy August construction season! Special thanks to Dustin Slimp, Facility Manager and Wil Clark, President.

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